When it comes to EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) memberships, there are many key details that you need to incorporate to ensure success with your program. With Memberships Made Simple we provide all of those details for you. We have developed a fully customizable program from start-to-finish that is sure to suit your business.

Tanning salons in the U.S. have become especially dependent on this way of business over the past 5+ years. The monthly membership model has proven to be very financially beneficial for the health and success of the tanning industry there. At this point, you’d be hard pressed to find a successful salon in the U.S. who does not offer monthly EFT memberships.

The monthly model depends on loyalty, retention and of course extra income from clients who pay even when their membership isn’t in use. The perfect scenario is a mix of clients who come very regularly and those who only come in once and a while. As a business owner, additional benefits to you include a higher average customer lifetime value than that of nonrecurring sales models, a more committed customer base, and more potential for upselling and cross-selling of other products or services.

We work with the best possible payment processor and have negotiated great corporate rates for our salons here in Canada. Not only do they offer both bank account or credit card payment options, but they offer a full service recovery program for any NSF payments. They do the collection work for you!