By Grant Miller, Sun your Buns

Be obsessed with your EFT revenue. If you don’t know how important your EFT revenues should be to your business by now, I’m not sure there is time to save you! A healthy, lucrative EFT model is the backbone of your business success. It would be very difficult for you to find an ultra-successful salon that does not have a strong EFT membership. I’ve heard it a million times: “That won’t work here,” “My customers won’t do that,” “We tried it before,” etc. If it didn’t work before, it’s because you had some combination of a lousy EFT membership program, you didn’t make the EFT the “no-brainer” thing to buy, your staff sabotaged your efforts, or maybe you never fully bought into the concept. Nothing will give you more stability, revenue growth, customer loyalty or prosperity than a properly structured EFT program. If you ever go to sell your salon(s) the main thing a savvy buyer will look at is your EFT revenue. EFTs are the only predictable source of revenue that a buyer can count on. Everyday I wake up, I start thinking about ways of increasing my salons’ EFT numbers, sell more EFT memberships, retain more EFT members, upgrade my current EFT members into a higher level EFT, and keep them in the EFT membership for just one more month. You should strive to have your EFT revenue be at least 50 percent of your total salon revenue. That’s how you create wealth and long-term profitability.

Article Source: Smart Tan Magazine