“Hi Lee Anne, I wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for introducing me to Memberships Made Simple.  I’m currently two months into the program and I already have 64 memberships which equals 64 sources of confirmed income each month.  Right now those 64 memberships account for over 75% of my monthly rent, and I can’t tell you how awesome it is to know that my rent is almost paid each month without me having to even do a thing.  Years ago I tried using a manual system to run memberships but it was a huge hassle, I had no one to help me with defaulted payments, I had to ring the credit cards in manually each month, the EFT system was so confusing and I just ended up giving up.  With your system, I enter it once, and that’s it.  I’ve had questions along the way and I always have someone to call and speak to immediately, or I can email support and they get back to me within a few hours at most.  So thank you for calling me that day to discuss it with me, and thank you even more for convincing me to sign up.  BEST.  DECISION. EVER.  And feel free to let others read my testimonial, because salon owners need to know about this system!”

– Christian (Ontario Salon Owner, 13 Years in Business)

“The Membership Made Simple program has been an excellent choice for my business.  Although I’ve been offering EFT memberships for a number of years, since signing up with the Uvalux program I have nearly doubled my current memberships. The process is quick and easy and the best part has been the payment recovery! I used to lose clients (and income) because I didn’t like collecting missed payments, this is no longer an issue.  The payment processor does an amazing job of collecting insufficient funds on my behalf!  I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is on the fence about joining.”

– Walter (Ontario Salon Owner, 17 Years in Business)

“Memberships Made Simple is a Game Changer! Best business decision I’ve ever made, my rent, utilities and wages are paid with memberships! Everything else is extra. Lee Anne is amazing, making the switch was not hard with all her help and ideas. All I can say is I wish I had done this the first time she asked. 160+ members [over 8 months] and growing!!!”

– Danica (British Columbia Salon Owner, 10 Years in Business)