1. Apple Music: The online music streaming service has managed to lure in more than 10 million paying subscribers since its launch in June 2015, as recently reported by the Financial Times. That means in just six months, Apple has attracted as many users as it took Spotify six years to reach. Guess it’s time to tune in.
  2. BirchBox: The hugely successful subscription-based beauty retailer recently launched ARROW, its second in-house beauty brand. Targeting athleisure shoppers, it offers long-wearing and lightweight makeup, skincare and body products for use during physical activity. Bring on that natural glow!
  3. Honest Company: Jessica Alba’s family-focused consumer-products company offers monthly membership packages called Bundles. Diapers & Wipes at $79.95 per month is quite the deal. Valued as a $1.7 billion enterprise after just four years, it’s clear they’re doing something right.
  4. Origin Access: Gaming giant EA is expanding its subscription services to PC users on a monthly basis. For $4.99, subscribers get 10 percent off origin purchases while gaining access to pre-release trials, as well as a collection of older games and third-party titles called The Vault. Game on.
  5. Fair Folks & a Goat: This NYC-based coffee shop, with locations in Greenwich Village and the East Village, gives customers as many coffees, teas and lemonades as they can handle for $25 a month. Members also get invites to events, as well as discounts on art, clothing and home decor items sold in the stores. Never-ending caffeine supply? We’ll take it.
  6. Dollar Shave Club: A service that guarantees members always get a perfect shave by delivering a monthly supply of high-quality razor blades. The brand, which recently launched a new men’s skincare line, has made it their business to know everything about male grooming habits.